DJ / Electronic Music Producer – CODE WU

Electronic music with oriental delicate and rich tones is one of Code Wu’s greatest features. 2010 he released “The Gate EP” on Beatport, the single Buddha’s  entered the “Beatport Top Download Top 50”. The bold and avant-garde music creativity has led the trend of the global Asian electronic music style.

In 2012, he released his first album “Asia River” on Hinote Records, which was strongly recommended by Lin Qiang and Xuan Liu, was also praised by the well-known New York musician The Shanghai Restoration Project; his music is a perfect combination of Eastern and Western spirits, which is incredible. People meditate! This album won the honor of the first Music Promoter Award, and was nominated for the Best Electronic Music Album and Best Electronic Music Single Award in the first Golden Indie Music Awards, and was also awarded the Golden Bell Award for Best Travel Program ” TLC Crazy Taiwan” was selected as the opening music. Because of his rich creative features, his performances not only master the atmosphere of the scene, but also use Ambient, House, Techno, Electronica genres, using ethnic and Asian traditional instruments to mix and match the concept of oriental charming rhythm and western fashionable rhythm, which will be elegant and unique. The Asian style is fully presented.

Before releasing his solo album, Code Wu produced the soundtrack for the Golden Horse Award-winning film “Summer Light Years”, and also won the second prize in the 2007 Hong Kong singer Lin Yilian’s remixing competition. His talent in remixing was also invited by the active Asian music label “LoveDa Records” to CodeWu to make a remix version of the single “Almost Home” from the album “Innocents” released by the legendary American musician Moby in 2013. He is also frequently invited to perform and produce music by famous international brands such as LOUIS VUITTON / FENDI / COACH / OMEGA / ASTON MARTIN / BMW / AUDI / MERCEDES BENZ / LEXUS / HUNTERTHE GLENLIVET / MARTELL / SONY / Taipei Fashion Week / Taipei Film Awards, etc.

Code Wu once represented Taiwan in Glastonbury, UK, to perform at the world’s largest and highest-grossing international music festival. He was the first outstanding talented DJ invited to perform in Taiwan. There were more than 60 stages in the music festival, and he was perform of the main stages “The Blues”. Conquer the world with original Taiwanese music. So far, it has been invited to perform in many countries and cities and major international well-known music festivals, such as ADE, CMW, SXSW, BUDDHA BAR and other places throughout the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the United States, Dubai, Canada, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and other places . The impact of the covid-19 in 2021, Code Wu was officially invited to join the DJ of Radio FG – Maxximum, the most famous French old electronic music station in Europe, and has been on the air many times with top international DJs: Adam Beyer, Chris Liebing, Joris Voorn. His unique music creation style and fashionable electronic music creation concept present a different listening experience to the audience. He is also the most original DJ / Electronic music producer in Taiwan.

Code Wu

DJ / 電子音樂製作人 – CODE WU

帶有東方細膩豐富音色的電子音樂創作是 Code Wu 最大的特色之一。自2010年於全球最大數位電子音樂平台 Beatport 發行個人創作『 The Gate EP 』其中 Buddha 單曲進入「Beatport Top Download 50名」大膽 前衛的音樂創意,引領了全球亞洲電子音樂風格的潮流。

2012 年他於映像唱片發行首張創作專輯「 江水 Asia River 」受到林強與劉軒大力推薦,也被紐約知名音樂人 The Shanghai Restoration Project 讚譽為 ; 他的音樂是完美的東西方精神結合,不可思議引人冥想!此張專輯 獲第一屆音樂推動者大獎殊榮,及受提名為第一屆金音獎最佳電音專輯與最佳電音單曲獎項,也被金鐘獎最佳旅 遊節目『 T L C 瘋台灣』選為片頭音樂。因為豐富的創作特色讓他的演出除了純熟的掌控現場氛圍之外,更將 House TechnoElectronicaAmbient 等曲風,運用少數民族與亞洲傳統樂器混搭東方迷人聲韻及西方時髦律動的概念 將優雅獨特的亞洲風格完整呈現。

Code Wu 在發行自己個人專輯前,曾經為金馬獎獲獎影片『盛夏光年』製作電影配樂,也曾在2007年香港歌手 林憶蓮所舉辦的混音大賽當中獲得第二名的榮譽。他的 Remix 天份也被亞洲活躍的音樂品牌「LoveDa Records 邀請CodeWu為美國傳奇電子音樂人 Moby 2013年公開發行的專輯『Innocents』中的單曲『Almost Home 製作 Remix 版本。他也經常受邀知名國際品牌演出與製作音樂 舉凡 LOUIS VUITTON / FENDI / COACH / OMEGA / ASTON MARTIN / BMW / AUDI / MERCEDES BENZ / LEXUS / HUNTERTHE GLENLIVET / MARTELL / SONY / 台北時裝週 / 台北電影獎 等。

Code Wu 曾代表台灣前往英國 Glastonbury 全世界最大票房最高的國際音樂節演出,為台灣第一位受邀演出的 傑出才華 DJ,音樂節共計60多個舞台,更是登上其中主舞台之一的 The Blues 舞台。帶著台灣原創音樂征服世 界各地。至今已受邀許多國家城市與各大國際知名音樂節演出,舉凡 ADECMWSXSW BUDDHA BAR 足跡遍及英國、荷蘭、美國、杜拜、加拿大、俄羅斯、中國、香港、澳門、馬來西亞等地。 2021年受疫情的衝擊下, Code Wu 更是正式受邀加入歐洲最知名的法國老牌電子音樂電台 Radio FG – Maxximum 旗下DJ, 多次在空中與國際頂尖DJ : Adam BeyerChris LiebingJoris Voorn 同台。他獨特的音樂創作風 格與時髦的電子音樂創作概念,對廣大聽眾呈現有別以往的聽覺體驗,也是台灣最有原創性的DJ/電子音樂製作人。

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