Tom Anderson T Icon Guitar 電吉他

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What you always dreamed and secretly wished
your vintage guitar could actually be and do—and way, way more.

T-Icon in LIght PinK


• Effortless Anderson playability.

• All tone-wood body of Alder or Swamp Ash.

• Traditional 3-Saddle bridge that is compensated for excellence in intonation, creating a guitar that plays wonderfully and robustly in tune.

• Brass saddles and a nickel-plated, steel baseplate surrounding the angled single coil-sized bridge pickup.

• Traditional 25 1/2-inch scale length.

• Optional traditional slab body or comfortably sculpted front and back contours.

• Optional solid or hollow chambered body.

T-Icon in Satin Metallic Charcoal


Is our most iconic T-styled guitar. That is why we call it:

T-Icon. Makes sense, right?

Sharing all the same elevated performance benefits of our venerated T-Classic model, the T-Icon also features a much more iconic 3-saddle bridge, with a baseplate design that surrounds the angled single coil-sized bridge pickup.

But an Anderson, T-Icon guitar could never settle for just any 3-saddle bridge to satisfy mere looks. Our Traditional 3-Saddle bridge is exquisitely built, and fully compensated.

We call its bridge: Traditional 3 Saddle – compensated.

And what does that mean?

It means that this bridge has a compensated (corrected) saddle design for uncompromisingly accurate intonation and ridiculously in-tune playing—like each and every Anderson guitar ever created.

This takes the vintage experience to a whole new level as accurate intonation not only means more in-tune playing but also much richer and fuller tonality with greater sustain as more sympathetic frequencies harmonize rather than contrast.

Such a great playing experience.

It is this intricate attention to detail, along with all other Anderson elevated performance attributes, that creates this T-style instrument of unparalleled vintage proportions, known as T-Icon.

穎凱國際 Sound Sketch